Peggy Nix   LPC Registered Play Therapist, CFLE,                                                    Certified EMDR therapist

  Peggy's experience includes several years in the field of education as a teacher for special education and gifted and talented.  She was also a school counselor before joining us.  Her counseling sessions are tailored to meet the needs of the individual or family and this is why she frequently utilizes play therapy in her sessions.  "As I worked with children, I realized that when anyone in a family is having adjustment difficulties, everyone is affected, so I extended my practice to include the family."

  As a Christian counselor I recognize that spiritual, mental, and physical issues are frequently intertwined, so addressing these issues with my clients is important.

  Peggy has been married for 50 years and has two children.

  Peggy's Practice focuses on:

     - Children and Teens                      - Families

     - Young Adults                                   - Parenting

     - Trauma