Individual Counseling - focuses on discovering root causes, goal setting, and managing steps to overcome struggles with depression, anxiety, OCD, etc.

Couple Counseling - Successful marriages happen when couples discard destructive habits and replace them with the kind of positive habits that make love, trust, and good communication possible. - 

Family Counseling - for over 30 years we've been helping families to live happier, healthier, more fulfilling family lives by discovering ways to overcome stuck spots.

Overcoming Addictions - Alcohol, drug, sexual, gambling, eating disorders, gaming addictions all have one common denominator - shame.  Learn how to take steps to be set free from it's bondage.

Pre-Marital Counseling - Why not start off a life-long commitment by making a wise investment in the most meaningful decision of your life?

Anger Management - Do you get frustrated too often, hold it inside until you can't stand it anymore, then react in a way you regret later?                                                  - There's help for that!

Grief and Loss - Instead of living day after day with a gnawing pain that never goes away, take action.  Let us walk you through the process of healing.

Child & Adolescent Counseling- Our children can be the source of our biggest blessings and biggest frustrations, often in the same day.  Let us help you  keep them on the right track.